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Bob Glueckert, Lake County's chief assessment officer. Lake County Board member Dick Barr. Lake County Board member Jessica Vealitzek.

Hundreds of Lake County property owners received tax bills this month that wrongly demanded too much money because of computer errors that eliminated legitimate credits, officials admitted Thursday. The majority of those mistakes affected properties in the Wauconda area, said Bob Glueckert, the county's new chief assessment officer. Data errors also mistakenly added undeserved credits to dozens of tax bills, he said.

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Additionally, as part of an investigation into the problem, Glueckert's staff uncovered dozens of incorrectly awarded credits that weren't related to computer glitches. Bills with updated information will be mailed to the affected owners, and their due dates will be extended.

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The inaccurate bills reflect a small fraction of the more than , bills mailed out May 1. But Glueckert, who took over as chief assessment officer just last week, is taking them seriously. Lake County tax bills are mailed to property owners every May.

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Payments are due in two installments, in June and September. Bills are calculated by the chief county assessment office, but payments are made to the county treasurer. Various credits, called exemptions , are available to property owners seeking tax relief. They're entered into the calculation that yields a bill. Exemptions also are available for seniors, military veterans, people who make significant improvements to their homes or who rebuild homes after natural disasters, and others.

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In , more than 3, bills that incorrectly lacked exemptions were discovered and recalculated in Lake County, Glueckert said. Sign In. Inquire Determine if you have all the exemptions to which you are entitled by using the Smartfile E-filing Portal. Appeal Once you receive your assessment notice, visit tax. Provide Input Provide input at a local budget hearing!

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Lake County has more than individual entities that levy property taxes, which is why the Lake County Board is pursuing partnerships and looking for consolidation opportunities to reduce this number. One recent example is the dissolution of the Seavey Drainage District. Transitioning service to the Lake County Public Works department will allow for the streamlining of resources and the eventual elimination of the district tax levy.

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Generate your grid by selecting your comparables you may select up to five per grid and clicking on View Comparable Report. You can complete an assessment appeal electronically to the Board of Review using the e-filing system. Remember to attach your evidence and submit before the deadline. When you are at the comparable section of the portal, go to the Attachments tab at the top of the page and upload your previously generated grid as evidence.

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Do not use the comparable grid in SmartFile as this data does not contain the most current and accurate data. Should you need assistance with creating an account or with the SmartFile E-filing process, a video tutorial is available click here. You can also call the Chief County Assessment office at for further assistance.