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We work with clients in family law mediation matters throughout the Atlanta metropolitan area. During the mediation and collaborative law process, you will have the opportunity to face your spouse and discuss important issues in a calm, facilitated environment.

We find that mediation is the channel many couples need to arrive at an agreed-upon solution much faster, cheaper and amicably than a costly litigation battle. Many former spouses find that the mediation process sets the framework for healthy interaction following the divorce, particularly when children are involved.

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The mediation process tends to be much healthier for the children involved, saving them the anguish of being privy to angry arguments. Also, in mediation conversations, the best interest of the children is much more likely to be remembered, and they are less likely to become pawns in the negotiations. Following the divorce, a healthier relationship between former spouses means healthier relationships with the children involved. Transferring the children during visitation tends to be much more amicable. Mediation is also considerably less expensive than divorce litigation.

Other advantages of collaborative divorce include the reduction or elimination of the stress normally associated with the divorce process and lower divorce costs.

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The stress and anxiety normally associated with divorce is diminished by collaborative divorce because during the process, the parties are working together, not against each other, and everything is put on the table for discussion so neither party is left to wonder if the other party is withholding information. The collaborative process may also lower the cost of divorce by reducing the time it takes to ultimately conclude the divorce.

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Even though collaborative divorce involves direct negotiation between both parties to facilitate a mutually agreeable settlement of the divorce, attorneys are still integral to the process. During the divorce process, collaborative divorce attorneys act more as legal counselors and advisors instead of zealous advocates. Generally, the role of collaborative attorneys during the collaborative divorce process includes: advising clients of the applicable law, focusing clients attention on important issues, assuring clients rights are protected and that clients responsibilities are fulfilled, promoting honesty and mutual respect between the parties, facilitating communications between the parties and with the other engaged professionals, identifying and addressing important issues, and analyzing the consequence of various legal alternatives.

Additionally, those considering the collaborative divorce process or consulting with a collaborative divorce attorney should note that collaborative divorce attorneys commonly require their clients to sign a non-participation agreement stating that if the collaborative process is unsuccessful, the attorney will not participate in or represent the client in a litigated divorce.